by Beau Navire




released June 9, 2012

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Jack Shirley



all rights reserved


Beau Navire Oakland, California

Beau Navire was created in August 09 to write music, meet friends and travel.

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Track Name: Prisms
"Time," repeat, "time." What does that word mean to you? Flawless motion, perfect without any hesitation. Mirrored here is something I've never seen. Prisms vast and complex, every color you could ever imagine. All in one instance.
Track Name: Communiqué
Fall from your pedestal and show us how low you really are. We will never fit your mold of something fake and heartless. Nothing but bright eyes and strong friendships, that's what we are. Holding on to a future of commune, not self-loathing. Heart to heart, hand in hand. Emotions are most valued when screamed by thousands. Let's make this last.
Track Name: Dead End, Start Over
Can't we just fucking devolve our society's modern romance ideals? The smallest things you do mean the most to me. Every time you cry, I'll try to make things right. Let me touch your face and see your eyes. I'm trapped here with you.
Track Name: Podebrady
The light that surrounds these doorways, let us know we are safe. I see your smile and it reminds me that it's all worthwhile. These bonds near and far I wouldn't trade for anything.
Track Name: Disgust & Fate
What else did you expect? Take and take for so long. There will be a push back. You can only keep people down for so long until frustrations turn to anger. Now you are frightened. Fear turns to violence when fate is coming. Fear turns to violence when people stand up. Calling for change, violence is your answer. Fate is coming. Resist, stand up, fight back. Fate is always coming, fate has frowned on us, fate is always on your back.
Track Name: Amongst Ashes
When I woke up, I never thought to call. When I woke up, I never thought this would happen. I never saw your eyes, I never saw your face again, but you still live on in my heart. I'll never let go of all the memories.
Track Name: One So Illusive
Never, I've never, noticed you were surrounding me and nothing else. A systematic failure of everything that may have been right. Hidden amidst this silent path, a light and a darkness so bleak, filled with riddles, past and present. If I knew we were one in the same forever ago, maybe we could have been something more. Ego of mine. Fortune, fame, success. Nothing is substantial if there is no unity in my heart and mind.
Track Name: Paper Lanterns
Cheap paper lanterns, tiny tidal effects on the life and times of those around us. Imagine if we were real satellites with real swing, real style. Placement is the key to revival. "Young and wonderful." Is that what they say? What if we were old and grey? Vivid memories of a life so full you can't help but ask the earth to welcome you again. Dirt to trees, trees to birds falling from the sky.
Track Name: Epistolary
"I hope this letter finds you well. I know you're busy and it's tough to find time. I don't mind. Short and sweet and to the point. My best to you and yours." Correspondence corresponds to a moment where I thought I knew where you stood. I'll keep them in hopes that moment might have meant something to you as well.
Track Name: Our Illumination
Particles are particularly useful when it comes to defining our attachments in this world. We can pull ourselves away at any moment or instead, align them in any fashion we see fit. Portraits not made by ourselves but influenced to show us beauty. Scenery forever changing and illuminated in all forms.